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Modern and Responsive Web Design. Merseyside, UK

Showcase your products/services on a Beautiful and Modern Website. A Website allows you to find new clients, sell your products online via ecommerce, take online bookings and much more. All taken care of by Firefy Digital UK. Based in St Helens, Merseyside. 

Modern and Responsive Web Design. Mobile Friendly.
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Grow Your Small Business, Together

Most small business owners do not have the time or patience to build their own website, that's where Firefly Digital come in! Over 50% of people search online for a product or service they are looking for before they look anywhere else. Is your website currently included in those search results? 

Based in St Helens, Merseyside, UK. Firefly Digital are experts in web design services to Small Businesses in the UK. 

Grow your business with a website designed by Firefly Digital UK

What's the catch?

I admit this all sounds a bit too good to be true when you think about it! A brand new website for your business that is Modern, Responsive and Mobile Friendly for less than £300? I even though about increasing the price to make it look more believable. The truth is, that would go against our core aims:

Make A Beautiful modern website more affordable for every small business

By sticking to this core aim, our prices will never reach those of major competitors who will charge you anything from £1000 to £4000 for a Modern and Responsive Web Design. Contact us today for a custom quote and to find out how we can help your small business. 

Modern And Responsive Websites. Built to be Beautiful on Every Device.

More and more people are browsing the Internet on Mobile Devices in 2021, In Fact 55% of Online Users use a Mobile Device or Tablet. That is why it is CRUCIAL that your website performs well on all devices. All Firefly Digital Websites are optimised to look Beautiful on All Common Devices.  

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Integrates Easily with Industry-Leading Software

Our Websites Integrate Easily With Google Drive, Printify, Online Booking Systems, Payment Providers and More. This Allow s Your Site To Be As Effective And Useful As Possible For Your Customers. This Also Makes It Much eaiser for you as a business owner to manage your website, make bookings and take online payments with ease. 

Our web designs are built to integrate with leading solutions

Easy-to-Read Reports

Our sites come with built in reporting that you can view and analyse to see things like:

  • Most Popular Product

  • Most Popular Service

  • How Many Visitors Your Site Is Getting

And Much More!


Hear It from Our Customers

"Absolutely amazing company!

They have been so professional and have lots of patience! I cannot recommend them enough!! thankyou so much!! x"

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How Does One Of Our Websites Help You Grow?

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Find New Potential Customers For Your Business

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Build Credibility For Your Brand

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Makes Information Accessible 24/7

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Gain Advantage Against Competitors

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Firefly Digital is Web Design Agency based in St Helens, Merseyside. We are part of the Wix Partner Program and are experts in designing and creating responsive websites for small businesses. We strive to give a premium experience and end result for an affordable price.


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